Skypark Adventure Park

Skypark Adventure Park

Via Greppa - Monte Aquilone
47863 Perticara di Novafeltria (RN)

Tel. 0541 927330
Fax 0541 480633
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Skypark Adventure Park

Perticara's Skypark Adventure Park
Perticara's Skypark is the largest adventure park of the Riviera Romagnola and one of the biggest funfairs of its kind in Italy. It is situated few kilometres far from Rimini's city centre, and can be reached crossing the lush green territories of the Montefeltro area and the thick woods of the imposing Mount Aquilone. Skypark gives visitors and those flocking to the Riviera Romagnola the possibility to enjoy the utmost fun while experiencing a closer touch with nature.

Perticara's Skypark boasts one kilometre of exciting suspension paths gathering Nepalese, Trapper and rope bridges, as well as poles, ropes and pulleys. Inside the park is the well-equipped Skybar picnic area, that serves tasty dishes and refreshments. The lovers of trekking, mountain-biking and horse-riding will have the possibility to explore the wonderful itineraries of Mount Aquilone.

Perticara's Skypark boosts environmental protection, and was built in complete harmony with nature. Skilled employees provide support and assistance, as well as helmets, spring catches and slings. Beginners will also have the possibility to try a special trial path before starting their adventure. Let's have a look at the park's major paths and attractions…
Skypark's Itineraries and Paths
Skypark's paths are subdivided according to their level of difficulty. The park gathers both safe playgrounds for children and sixteen-metre high paths for expert sportsmen, thus being able to suit even the most demanding requirements of different kinds of tourists. It is the ideal destination for those interested in spending pleasant moments together with their family and friends.

The easiest paths, which are dedicated to children aged two to five years, can be entered without special equipment. The park also gathers plenty of medium-difficulty paths for young people, which must be covered using the right facilities and equipment. One of the most exciting paths is Blue Plus Path, which reaches the maximum height of nine metres. All paths are provided with challenging obstacles, such as suspension bridges, pulleys, poles, ropes and many more. 

Skypark's paths for adults are dedicated to expert sportsmen and the most daring visitors. The most famous ones are Red, Red Plus and Black paths, as well as the new  Ice Climbing, the latter being a challenging climbing wall which attracts the lovers of this extreme sports activity.

Skypark is surrounded by lush footpaths and outstanding lookout points. Visitors will have the possibility to undertake wonderful excursions to the top of Mount Aquilone and Sasso del Divolo, visit the so-called Green Zoo of the Minimal Places created by Tonino Guerra and walk along the so-called Acero and Massi in Arenaria footpaths. Visitors will have the possibility to experience a closer touch with nature under the supervision of skilled employees.
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