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Oltremare's Theme Park Riccione
Oltremare, one of the most popular funfairs of the Riviera Romagnola, was built in 2004 on the top of Aquafan's hill, a short distance from Riccione. It extends over a total surface of 100.000 square metres and gives visitors the possibility to take advantage of outstanding attractions while enjoying the utmost fun and cheerfulness.

In summer, Oltremare attracts large numbers of visitors. Its educational itineraries and large exhibition spaces make it the ideal destination for school groups, who are also attracted by its innovative IMax cinema. Most hotels of the Riviera Romagnola give guests the possibility to take advantage of special packages which include accommodation and admission to Oltremare.

The pride of Oltremare is its large Dolphins' Lagoon, an extraordinary area that is home to the amazing performances of Ulisse and his friends, the most popular dolphins of the park. The Dolphins' Lagoon is the outstanding reproduction of a rocky bay of the Adriatic Sea, which is complemented by large stalls to accommodate spectators. Skilled trainers look after dolphins in order to make them perform outstanding shows and exhibitions that are able to attract large numbers of both children and adults. Let's have a look at Oltremare's major attractions… 
Oltremare's Attractions
Oltremare gathers two outstanding attractions: Sea Planet and Earth Planet. The former is a large exhibition gallery cherishing outstanding reproductions of rare fishes and marine habitats, while the latter is a state-of-the-art interactive space that gives visitors the possibility to look at an outstanding reconstruction of the history of our planet subdivided into four moments: big bang, the origins of life, the dinosaurs' extinction and the last ice age.

The most popular attraction of the park is the incredible 3D IMax cinema, an high-tech facility which projects absorbing filmed sequences depicting outstanding natural beauties. The most appreciated film clips are Wild Ocean, which is dedicated to the depths of the sea, and T-Rex, an outstanding virtual journey across the world of the dinosaurs.

Oltremare also hosts Delta, an outstanding reconstruction of the natural environments of the Po Delta gathering the typical animal and bird species of that habitat. Darwin is a glass area which reproduces life during the Jurassic period, and gathers dinosaurs and further rare animals. Further interesting attractions are the Farm, the Owl's Mill and Hippocampus.

Oltremare also gathers an exciting funfair, the so-called Adventure Island. Its ropes, poles and suspension bridges are able to attract both adults and children. Adventure Island can be crossed onboard special boats equipped with water cannons.
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