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Fiabilandia's Funfair Rimini Fiabilandia is an historical funfair of the Riviera Romagnola. Inaugurated in 1965, it was the first theme park to be realized in Italy. Its outstanding games attract large numbers of families with children. Little visitors will have the possibility to enjoy the utmost fun while exploring fairy-tale settings and tailor-made games and attractions.

Fiabilandia is subdivided into four main areas that draw inspiration from the world of fantasy and fairy tales. The centre of the park is dominated by a big lake, that is flanked by an outstanding medieval village commanded by the Castle of Merlin the Wizard, Chinatown's sumptuous palaces, Peter Pan's Bay, Fort Laramie and the surrounding Far West village and a picturesque Indian village.

Fiabilandia's attractions are able to catch the attention of little guests flocking to the park. It also gathers educational exhibitions, interesting itineraries across lush natural landscapes and a new 4D cinema. Every year, Fiabilandia's programme is complemented by new shows and entertainment activities. Let's have a look at Fiabilandia's main attractions…
Fiabilandia's Attractions
Fiabilandia is dominated by the two impressive towers of the Castle of Merlin the Wizard, which is one of the park's most representative attractions. Visitors will have the possibility to explore the castle onboard owl-shaped trolleys passing through secret doors, ancient libraries and mysterious laboratories. The ancient Chinatown, that is situated a short distance from the castle, is dominated by the enchanting Dream Lake and crossed by the funny Fu Ming Labyrinth.

Captain Nemo Adventure's water park gives visitors the possibility to cover a funny itinerary onboard special boats equipped with water guns. The most daring ones will have the opportunity to enjoy two exciting roller coasters: Gold Mine and Space Mouse, the latter giving them the possibility to enjoy the extraordinary sensation of turning themselves around. Further funny attractions are Mar dei Ranocchi swimming pool, Fiaby Boat, that sails across the waters of the inner lake, and the enchanting Peter Pan's Bay.

Fiabilandia is also home to a wide range of eductional displays, such as Exotarium, that gathers snakes and plenty of further exotic animals, and Courtyard's Animals and Peasant House, that are dedicated to both domestic and courtyard animals. Not to be missed are the Garden of Forgotten Fruits and the Path of Scented Plants. Vistors will also have the possibility to go to the inner 4D cinema to enjoy an outstanding combination of amazing sounds effects, lights, fragrances and water jets.
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