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Mirabilandia's Funfair
Mirabilandia is one of the largest and best known funfairs in Europe. Situated north of the Riviera Romagnola and few kilometres far from Ravenna, it is the pride of the whole Romagna. The local hotels give guests the possibility to take advantage of special offers and discounts to enter Mirabilandia, as well as to buy special packages which include accommodation and admission to the park.

Mirabilandia is able to suit even the most demanding requirements of different kinds of tourists. Every year, traditional attractions are complemented by new games and innovative ideas, that are able to satisfy the needs of visitors belonging to every age group. The most daring ones will have the possibility to try Mirabilandia's extreme attractions and enjoy unique emotions; both families and quieter visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the park's traditional attractions; children will be attracted by the magic atmosphere and fairy-tale settings of the dedicated children's attractions.

Mirabilandia also arranges spectacular shows and events that attract large numbers of curious visitors. Furthermore, a wide part of the park is occupied by the famous Mirabilandia Beach, an outstanding reproduction of a Tropical beach in the province of Ravenna that gathers exciting water chutes, large swimming pools and enchanting water paths. Let's have a look at Mirabilandia's most famous attractions… 
Mirabilandia's Attractions
Mirabilandia is famous all over Italy and Europe for its state-of-the-art extreme attractions. Katun is the largest and most famous inverted coaster in Europe, and runs at an incredible speed across the outstanding ruins of the ancient Maya city of Sian Ka’an. Ispeed is the roller coaster that replaced the most glorious attraction of the park, the wooden roller coaster of Sierra Tonante. It gives visitors the possibility to enjoy  Formula 1-style acceleration, and to cover 0 to 100 Km/h in 2,2 seconds. Not to be missed are the two 60-metre high space towers Columbia and Discovery, the former giving visitors the possibility to enjoy the sensation of being launched toward the sky, while the latter making them feel the emotion of falling without gravity.   

Mirabilandia also gathers a dazzling array of traditional attractions. Reset Anno Zero (news Mirabilandia 2008) is one of the most famous dark rides in Italy. It gives visitors the possibility to enjoy the great adventure of walking across a New York city of the future which was destroyed by a mysterious nuclear tragedy. Raratonga is a crazy tour to be made onboard special boats sailing around an active volcano of Polynesia. Rio Bravo is a long artificial river to be covered onboard special rubber dinghies. Not to be missed are Niagara's rogue wave, the crazy evolutions of Pakal, Delirium and so-called Pentole Stregate, the giant 90-metre high Eurowheel Ferris Wheel, Mirabilandia Express monorail and plenty of further exciting attractions… News 2011: Master Thai double roller coaster, that is set in China halfway between history and fantasy.

Mirabilandia's outstanding children attractions are real fun paradises surrounded by colourful settings and fairy-tale atmospheres. Monosaurus Monorail gives little guests the possibility to make an amazing virtual journey across different geological eras while admiring rare species of reptiles and giant dinosaurs' reproductions. Leprotto Express is the first roller coaster in Europe to be specifically designed for children. Not to be missed are the colourful Casa Matta, Fantasyland's tunnels and chutes, Ottoland's inflatable games and the funny Santa Fè Express small train.

Mirabilandia's most exciting show is Scuola di Polizia (Police Academy), during which skilled stuntmen perform outstanding acrobatics while driving at an incredible speed. The lovers of musicals will have the possibility to attend the wonderful representations of "Ballare per un Sogno" or "Misspray". Sportsmen will have the opportunity to admire the incredible acrobatic dives performed by the pirates of the Treasure Island. Not to be missed are the shows and events arranged for children, which involve the park's mascots and skilled entertainers.

Not to be missed are the huge Mirabilandia Beach aqua park and its outstanding attractions, such as Laguna del Sol, El Castillo, Rio Diablo, Vuelta Vertigo, Rio Angel, Salto Tropical e Salto del Caribe. Laguna del Sol gathers large hydro-massage swimming pools, comfortable beach mattresses, modern beach facilities, exciting water chutes and wonderful itineraries to be covered onboard special rubber dinghies. The quiet waters of Rio Angel give guests the possibility to swim in total tranquillity. Mirabilandia, the most famous funfair of the province of Ravenna, is able to astonish and surprise both Romagna and its turists.
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