Eden Park

Eden Park

Eden Park Faunal Oasis for Birds
Via Popilia 345/347
Torre Pedrera (RN)

Tel. 0541 720638
Fax 0541 722402
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Oasi Eden Park

Torre Pedrera's Eden Park Naturalistic Oasis
Oasi Eden Park, a wide faunal oasis for birds which was created to protect dying animal species, is one of the most beautiful naturalistic parks of the Riviera Romagnola. Eden Park is situated in Torre Pedrera di Rimini, a short distance from the glorious seafront of the Riviera Romagnola. Those who decide to spend their holidays at the seaside will have the opportunity to spend pleasant moments here while experiencing a closer touch with nature.

Eden Park extends across a total surface of 35000 square metres. Its lush vegetation is complemented by wonderful fountains and waterways, what makes it a fascinating botanical garden where animals live in total freedom. In fact, all specimen were born in captivity and were not snatched from their natural habitat. Eden Park gives them the possibility to live in total freedoom, and also safeguards their needs.

Eden Park gives visitors the possibility to take advantage of plenty of different services and facilities. Families with children will have the opportunity to undertake exciting excursions, while groups of students  will have the possibility to admire wonderful birds and read interesting educational panels describing the hosted species. The park is provided with an excellent restaurant which serves fine dishes and tasty traditional specialities from Romagna. Let's have a look at the major attractions of Eden Park…
Visit Oasi Eden Park
Oasi Eden Park is not a traditional zoo where animals are kept in cages, but a wild natural habitat where the hosted species live in total freedom. Visitors will have the opportunity to walk along the park's enchanting paths while admiring rare birds and animal species.

Eden Park provides the ideal habitat for numerous species of birds. Most of them are waterbirds, but the park is also home to rare species of Indian peafowls, pheasants, mute swans, flamingos, parrots and many more. Eden Park's fountains and water jets, as well as lush vegetation and rare plants, contribute to increase the exceptional beauty of the park.
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