Museums in the province of Rimini

Museums in the province of Rimini

The museums of the province of Rimini, that are dedicated to the local art, culture, history and nature, give visitors the possibility to make an outstanding virtual journey across time and space, as well as to discover the traditions, passions, secrets and treasures of this province of a thousand facets.

Museums in Rimini and surroundings

City Museum Rimini

Situated just in the heart of the old town, inside the eighteenth-century building that once hosted the Jesuit Monastery before and the Civic Hospital later, the city museum cherishes almost 1.500 artworks that are subdivided into distinct historical sections. Not to be missed is the archaeological section, that gathers the remains of the famous “Domus del Chirurgo”,  a Roman villa that was unearthed in Piazza Ferrari during extensive excavation works. Another area worthy of mention is the medieval section, that contains precious artworks which were realized in the fourteenth century by illustrious exponents of Rimini School. The museum also contains precious artworks by Bellini, Guercino, Cagnacci, Ghirlandaio and plenty of further acclaimed artists.

For further information:
Rimini - via L. Tonini, 1
Tel. 0541 21482

Glances' Museum

The eighteenth-century building that rises on the top of Covignano's hill, just in front of the Sanctuary of Beata Vergine delle Grazie, gathers important ethnographic collections including tribal masks, ancient shields and weapons from Black Africa and precious artefacts which were used by pre-Colombian communities for ritual purposes. Apart from gathering outstanding collections and displays, Museo degli Sguardi is also scattered with interesting multimedia contents and temporary exhibitions.

For further information:
Rimini - Via delle Grazie, 12 (Covignano)
Tel. 0541 751224

National Motorcycle Museum

Rimini's National Motorcycle Museum, which was founded by three passionate local inhabitants, gives visitors the possibility to make an outstanding virtual journey across plenty of motorcycle models belonging to the period included from the 10s up to present days.

For further information:
Rimini - Via Casalecchio, 58/N
Tel. 0541 731096

Aviation Museum

This outstanding theme park gathers more than 50 Italian and American airplanes which were realized during the post-war period. Situated few kilometres far from Rimini's city centre, it attracts large numbers of enthusiasts.

For further information:
Rimini - Via S. Aquilina, 58
Tel. 0541 756696

Queen's Museum – Cattolica

This interesting archaeological and seafaring museum gathers precious remains dating back to the Roman Period and the Modern Age, as well as important seafaring evidences, such as pictures, nautical instruments and ship models.

For further information:
Cattolica - Via Pascoli, 23
Tel. 0541/966577

Riccione's Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery

The sumptuous halls of the twentieth-century Villa Franceschi host the precious Civic Art Collection and Arcangeli Collection, that gather precious artworks dating back to the twentieth century. Moreover, this building is often the venue for important temporary exhibitions and cultural events.

For further information:
Riccione - Via Gorizia, 2  
Tel. 0541 693534

Naturalistic Museum of Onferno Natural Reserve

This interesting museum, that is hosted inside the Parish Church of St. Colomba in Gemmano, gives visitors the possibility to discover the different phases which led to the creation of the beautiful Caves of Onferno, as well as to gain precious information on the local flora and fauna. A special section is dedicated to bats, the most common animal species of the caves.

For further information:
Gemmano - Via Prov.le Onferno
Tel. 0541 854060

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