Museums in the province of Forlì Cesena

Museums in the province of Forlì Cesena

The province of Forlì – Cesena is scattered with plenty of splendid cultural and historical itineraries. The local museums, art collections, archeaological sites and cultural displays give tourists the possibility to gain precious information on the history and culture of these territories.

Museums in the province of Forlì Cesena

Forlì's Civic Picture Gallery

Part of the important San Domenico Museums, this wonderful collection includes precious artworks which were realized by Beato Angelico, Guido Cagnacci, Guercino, Lorenzo di Credi, Antonio Canova and Mellozzo da Forlì. This incredible artistic heritage is complemented by the prestigious Verzocchi Collection, that includes important masterpieces which were commissioned to over 70 great artists in the XX century by the rich entrepreneur Giuseppe Verzocchi.

For further information:
Forlì - Piazza Guido da Montefeltro, 12
Tel.  0543 712 659 /606

Forlì's Museum of Risorgimento

Forlì's Museum of Risorgimento, which is hosted inside the Neoclassical Palazzo Gaddi, is aimed at celebrating the glorious vicissitudes of those heroes who changed the course of history in the nineteenth century. It contains precious documents, photos, manuscripts and memorabilia which once belonged to Forlì's great patriots, such as Piero Maroncelli, Achille Cantoni, Tito Pasqui, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Giuseppe Mazzini, Gaetano Donizzetti, Aurelio Saffi and many more.

For further information:
Forlì – Corso Garibaldi, 96 (Gaddi Palace)
Tel. 0543 21109 / 712606

Cesena's Archaeological Museum

It is hosted on the ground floor of the fifteenth-century building that also houses the Malatesta Library (Cesena's most important monument) and gathers a precious collection of prehistoric, Roman, medieval and Renaissance finds which were unearthed in the surrounding area.

For further information:
Cesena - Via Montalti (Cloister of St. Francesco)
tel. 0547 356327

Cesenatico's Seafaring Museum

The inner section of the museum is hosted inside a sumptuous palace that overlooks the Canal Harbour, which in turn hosts the floating section. The former gathers the relics of ancient ships, curious instruments and tools that were once used to perform both artisan and naval activities, two typical sailing boats from the Adriatic Sea, a lugger and a bragozzo, which were perfectly reconstructed, and plenty of 3D videos, clips and projections. The museum's floating section gathers ten perfectly restored ships that were used in the Adriatic Sea between the nineteenth and twentieth century.

For further information:
Cesenatico - Via Armellini, 18
Tel. 0547 79205

Tito Balestra Foundation – Longiano

This is one of the greatest collections of modern and contemporary art of Emilia-Romagna. Tito Balestra collection is made up of 2.300 artworks dating back to the XX century. The great artistic heritage which was collected by the founder and poet between the post-war period and the 70s is complemented by more than 1000 artworks which have been acquired over the course of time, which now belong to the municipal authorities and are hosted inside the halls of Longiano's Malatesta Castle. The most representative artists represented inside the museum are Mino Maccari, Filippo De Pisis, Renato Guttuso, Marc Chagall, Erich Heckel, Oscar Kokoschka, Leo Longanesi, Mario Maffai, Henri Matisse, Cy Twombly, Fausto Melotti and plenty of further illustrious personalities of the twentieth century.

For further information:
Longiano -  Piazza Malatestiana, 1 (Malatesta Castle)
Tel.  0547 665850 – 665420

Sarsina's National Archaeological Museum

The exhibition distributes over two distinct floors and gathers precious tools, funerary monuments and finds dating back to the period comprised between prehistory and late antiquity. Some of the most importan exhibits are the curious Paleolithic tools which were used by the populations which once occupied the valley of the river Savio, and the archeaological remains which were unearthed in the Roman necropolis of Pian di Bezzo.

For further information:
Sarsina - Via Cesio Sabino, 39
Tel. 0547 94641

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