Author's itineraries Rimini

Author's itineraries Rimini

Travel guides to visit Rimini and its province. Interesting author's itineraries dedicated to Francesca da Rimini, Sigismondo Malatesta, Federico Fellini and Guido Cagnacci.

Author's itineraries: travel guides in the province of Rimini

Paolo e Francesca RiminiFrancesca da Rimini (Francesca da Polenta)

Francesca da Rimini is one of the most fascinating personalities of the Italian Middle Ages. Her romantic and tragic story was celebrated by Dante Alighieri's great masterpiece, who imagined a meeting with her and her lover Paolo Malatesta in the V Canto of the Hell. 

Paolo and Francesca were killed by Gianciotto Malatesta, the jealous husband of Francesca. Dante's poem turned their passion into the most representative symbol of medieval love and their touching vicissitude into the most intense romantic episode of the international history of literature.

It is not easy to map out an itinerary across the places where Francesca da Rimini lived. Many Rimini's municipalities claim they are the place where the cruel murder took place. The most fascinating sites where the fact could have happened are the two Malatesta castles of Verucchio and Gradara, the interior of which gathers interesting exhibition halls that are aimed at reconstructiong past vicissitudes.

Those interested in deepening the story of Paolo and Francesca won't miss the opportunity to take part in Francesca da Rimini International Days, an important spring event that is complemented by targeted meetings and conventions dedicated to the legendary heroine.

Fellini Rimini ItinerariFederico Fellini

Federico Fellini is one of Rimini's most illustrious personalities. He was born in Romagna, and developed an intense feeling of belonging, affection and homesickness. Fellini celebrated Rimini and Romagna in plenty of famous films, such as Amarcord and I Vitelloni. Amarcord was even able to spotlight Rimini, Romagna  and the local dialect during the prestigious Oscar Night.

Rimini is scattered with special places that are pervaded with Fellini's atmosphere. The most representative one is Borgo San Giuliano, whose picturesque narrow streets and fishermen's houses are scattered with orginal murals dedicated to the greatest masterpieces of the great director. Via Nigra is home to Fellini Foundation, which hosts an interesting museum gathering important materials, films and documents. Not to be missed is the charming Grand Hotel, where Fellini used to stay when he was in Rimini.

The itinerary can be concluded with a visit to the tombs of the great director and his wife Giulietta Masina, which are hosted inside Rimini's Monumental Cemetery. Their tombs are embellished by a famous bow-shaped sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro.

Guido Cagnacci Rimini ItinerariGuido Cagnacci

Guido Cagnacci, who was born in 1601 in Santarcangelo di Romagna, is one of the most representative artists of the Italian Seicento. His style is similar to that of Caravaggio and Guido Reni, but differs from them by an original use of colours. An important exponent of naturalism and life painting, Cagnacci became especially famous for its female nudes.

Emilia-Romagna cherishes many important paintings by the great artist. Rimini's Museo della Città contains two precious artworks, while the Church of St- John the Baptist is home to the famous "Tela dei Carmelitani". The Oratory of St. Rocco in Montegridolfo cherishes a precious altar piece depicting the Madonna and Child and Saints Sebastiano, Rocco and Giacinto.

Saludecio too hosts two precious paintings by Cagnacci. The Church of St. Biagio is embellished by a prestigious painting depicting Corpus Christi Procession, while another famous picture is cherished by the city's museum. The Collegiate Church of Santarcangelo hosts a famous painting depicting St. Giuseppe, St. Eligio and Child.

Sigismondo Malatesta RiminiSigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta

Sigismondo Malatesta was the Lord of Rimini for most of the fifteenth century. It was a great captain, politician, artist and patron of the arts. During his domination, he commissioned ambitious artistic and military projects. In 1450, his court gathered some of the most extravagant personalities of the Italian Renaissance, such as Leon Battista Alberti, Piero della Francesca and Agostino di Duccio.

The most popular monument commissioned by Sigismondo Malatesta is the Malatesta Temple, that rises just in the heart of Rimini's old town. This incomparable church was designed by the famous architect Leon Battista Alberti. Its interior hosts a precious fresco by Piero della Francesca and several important sculptures by  Agostino di Duccio. Behind the main altar is a wonderful crucifix by Giotto.

Further outstanding monuments which revolve around Sigismondo are the city's major military buildings. The most important one is situated just in the heart of the old town: the majestic Castel Sismondo. It is now the seat of several prestigious exhibitions and cultural initiatives.
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