Author's itineraries Ravenna

Author's itineraries Ravenna

Travel guides concerning Ravenna and its province. Special author's itineraries dedicated to illustrious personalities, such as Dante, Theodoric, Gioacchino Rossini, Giuseppe and Anita Garibaldi, to discover the most beautiful places of Romagna.

Author's itineraries - Travel guides Ravenna

Dante Alighieri Itinerari Ravenna

Dante Alighieri

During his exile, Dante Alighieri finally flocked to Ravenna, and lived there for almost ten years until his death (1321). In Ravenna, he wrote his most beautiful work, which is may be the greatest poem of all times: the Paradise. 

Those interested in visiting Dante's places in Ravenna should start with the monumental tomb of the poet. It is flanked by the huge complex of Centro Dantesco of Frati Minori Conventuali, whose interior cherishes some important documents and bibliographical resources. The complex is complemented by the famous Dante Museum.

Once visited the complex, tourists will have the opportunity to head to the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, and admire the outstanding mosaics of its vault which maybe inspired Dante when writing the Paradise (especially the cross of Paradise 14).Tourists will also have the opportunity to reach the lush Classe's Pinewood Forest, which Dante compared to the Garden of Eden in Purgatory, Canto 28.

Teodorico Visitare Ravenna Theodoric the Great

Theodoric, the legendary king of the Ostrogoths, crossed the Alps and reached Italy in 488 A.D. After five years of fierce fighting, he defeated Odoacer and became the king of the territories which once belonged to the Western Roman Empire. Ravenna was the capital of his Kingdom. 

During his domination, Theodoric commissioned the building of outstanding monuments and buildings, while ruling his empire with the utmost far-sightedness. Still today, Ravenna's city centre is scattered with plenty of impressive constructions which date back to the age of Theodoric. 

The itinerary could start from the Arian Baptistry and its wonderful mosaics, which were commissioned by Theodoric during the Arian age. The baptistry is flanked by the splendid Basilica of St. Apollinare Nuovo, whose construction began under the rule of the king. The right wall of the central nave is embellished by the famous mosaic depicting the Palace of Theodoric.

The old town also hosts the remains of an imposing building of ancient origins, which is regarded to have been the residence of Theodoric. The last stop of this itinerary is the wonderful Mausoleum of Theodoric, a majestic construction which was commissioned by the king to cherish his mortal remains.

Anita Geribaldi Ravenna ItinerariGiuseppe and Anita Garibaldi

After the Fall of the Roman Republic in 1849, Giuseppe Garibaldi, who was hunted by the Austrian, flocked to Ravenna's pinewood forest, which developed from the Marshes of Comacchio and Pialassa della Baiona. Anita, who decided to follow her husband, died in the nearby hamlet of Mandriole.

Visitors will have the possibility to revive the past vicissitudes of the two heros. Once past Ravenna, they can take Strada Statale Romea up to Mandriole, in order to visit the so-called Cippo di Anita, a monument which was built in the place where the young woman was buried, and Fattoria Guiccioli, where Anita died. The farm is now home to an interesting exposition that even cherishes the bed where Anita died next to her husband Garibaldi.

Mandriole's cemetery still hosts Anita's small chapel, where Garibaldi decided to transfer the remains of his wife in 1859. Her mortal remains were cherished there until 1932, when they were moved to the funerary monument of Gianicolo in Rome. The itinerary can be concluded in Pialassa della Baiona while visiting Capanno Garibaldi, the shelter he used during his escape.

Rossini Lugo Itinerari RavennaGioacchino Rossini 

Gioacchino Rossini lived in Lugo di Romagna from 1802 to 1804. It was an important period of his childhood, since he attended Scuola dei Canonici Malerbi and learnt the basic rudiments of singing, as well as the new European music trends.

Lugo is scattered with fascinating places that are connected with the life of the great composer. Tourists will have the possibility to visit the house where he lived, Villa Malerbi, as well as Rossini's family house, which is now the seat of an interesting exposition gathering curious objects and memorabilia. The Church of Carmine still cherishes a marvellous eighteenth-century organ which was used by Rossini while exercising.

Both researchers and Rossini's enthusiasts will have the possibility to visit the famous Trisi Library, which gathers precious works by the great composer. Not to be missed inside the Estense Fortress is the so-called Salotto Rossini, which contains a portrait of the composer, a portrait of his family and a letter he wrote.
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