Author's itineraries

Author's itineraries

Author's itineraries in the province of Forlì-Cesena. Tourist itineraries dedicated to the most illustrious personalities of Romagna: Giovanni Pascoli, Leonardo da Vinci, Pellegrino Artusi and Marco Palmezzano.

Author's itineraries - Travel guides in the province of Forlì-Cesena

Giovanni Pascoli a San MauroGiovanni Pascoli

Giovanni Pascoli was born in the small hamlet of San Mauro in 1855. He always described the years he spent in Romagna as the happiest moments of his life. Things changed in 1867, when his father was murdered during an assault. After the tragedy, the poet and his family left San Mauro and began wandering the land aimlessly.

Pascoli's poetry, which is regarded to be one of the greatest art expressions of the Italian literature, is permeated with Romagna's flavours, colours and tastes. Today, tourists will have the possibility to visit the places where Pascoli spent his childhood, starting from the huge complex of his Native House, which was declared national monument in 1924. 

Pascoli House is made up of a kitchen, a bedroom and a study. The garden gathers some flowers and plants that were often celebrated by the poet in his works. Not to be missed is the Small Chapel of Madonna dell’Acqua, an intimate place of worship where Pascoli's mother used to pray. 

San Mauro is also home to the enchanting park of Villa Torlonia, which is situated just in the heart of the territories that once belonged to the poet's father and is crossed by a beautiful cycle path. San Mauro is also the seat of the important Pascoli Academy, that attracts large numbers of artists and researchers.

Leonardo Cesena e CesenaticoLeonardo da Vinci 

Leonardo da Vinci, the most important personality of the Renaissance, flocked to Romagna in 1502 together with Cesare Borgia, the so-called Duke of Valentinois. Leonardo worked as an engineer, and designed plenty of original architectures and military constructions. In fact, he was not only an artist, but also a scientist, an inventor and an engineer.

The most important project realized by Leonardo in Romagna was the wonderful canal harbour of Cesenatico, which still retains the original aspect and fascination. The harbour area is complemented by the curious display of traditional boats that is cherished by the Seafaring Floating Museum of the Adriatic Sea.

Another building that was projected by Leonardo is the huge Malatesta Fortress, which was subsequently remodelled over the course of the years.

Pellegrino Artusi ForlimpopoliPellegrino Artusi

Pellegrino Artusi, who was born in Forlimpopoli in 1820, is one of the most important personalities of the history of Italian gastronomy. In 1865, he decided to devote himself to his greatest passions, that is to say literature and gastronomy. His book, La Scienza in Cucina e l’Arte di Mangiar Bene (The Science of Cooking and the Art of Eating Well) is regarded to be the precursor of the modern gastronomic culture in Italy.

Still today, the name of Pellegrino Artusi is synonymous with good cooking. For this reason, his native town inaugurated a huge multipurpose centre dedicated to the great gastronome: Casa Artusi, an important Centre of Gastronomic Culture that is hosted inside the monumental complex of the former Church of Servi. Casa Artusi gathers several distinct areas: a library, a restaurant, some conference rooms, a permanent exhibition and wide areas where it is possible to arrange targeted cooking courses.

One of the most important events dedicated to Artusi is the amazing Festa Artusiana, that takes place in June and also includes the popular Premio Artusi prize-giving ceremony.

Marco Palmezzano Forli ItinerariMarco Palmezzano

Marco Palmezzano is one of the most important painters of the Renaissance period in Romagna. He was born in Forlì in 1459, and was a pupil of the great Renaissance artist Melozzo. Forlì gathers many precious works by Palmezzano, some of which have an extraordinary artistic and cultural value. In 2006, the city celebrated its greatest artist with an important exhibition.

Those interested in admiring Palmezzano's paintings won't miss the opportunity to visit Forlì's Picture Gallery, which is hosted inside the wonderful complex of St. Domenico and still cherishes many precious paintings by the great artist. Further important paintings by Palmezzano are cherished by the Abbey of St. Mercuriale (Immacolata con Padreterno in gloria e i santi Anselmo, Agostino e Stefano) and the Cathedral of St. Croce in Forlì, as well as by the Church of St. Antonio Abate in Ravaldino.

Palmezzano's paintings are also cherished by many churches of the surrounding province, such as the Church of St. Maria dei Servi in Forlimpopoli, the Collegiate Church and Church of St. Maria degli Angeli in Brisighella and the Church of St. Niccolò and Francesco in Castrocaro Terme.
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