Discos Riccione

Discos Riccione

Information and contacts discos Riccione - Marano and Riccione's hill. The most beautiful clubs of one of the most exclusive resorts of the Riviera Romagnola.

Discos Riccione - Marano and Riccione's hill

Riccione is the most glamorous resort of the whole Riviera Romagnola. Its sea front is scattered with popular discos, music bars and exclusive clubs, that give tourists the possibility to enjoy the liveliest fun opportunities of the Italian summer.

Riccione's major gathering place is Marano, an historical stretch of sea front that is home to the most exclusive clubs of the city: Mojito Beach, Opèra, Movida Cafè, Hakuna Matata and many more… 

Riccione's hill, that rises just behind the city, hosts the most popular discos of the surrounding area: Cocoricò, Pascià, Nu Echoes, Peter Pan, Villa delle Rose and Byblos. They often arrage amazing parties that are livened up by both nationally and internationally renowned DJs.

Beach Cafè
Viale D’Annunzio, 150
Riccione (RN)
Tel. 0541 427012

Viale Chieti, 44
Riccione (RN)
Tel. 0541 605183

Dancing Bollicine 
Viale Torino, 32 
Riccione (RN)
Tel: 0541 602406

Hakuna Matata
Viale D’Annunzio Beach 138
Riccione (RN)
Tel. 0541 641203

Kalibar c/o Moxie Vallechiara
Viale Ceccarini, 110

Makkaroni Disco Bar
Viale Dante, 48 
Riccione (RN) 
Tel. 0541.603848

Mojito Beach 
Passeggiata Goethe, 52 
Riccione (RN)
Tel. 0541 641156

Movida Cafè 
Viale D'Annunzio, 130
Riccione (RN)
Tel. 0541 660821

Nu Echoes - ex Prince 
Viale Trebaci, 49
Riccione (RN) 
Tel. 0541 692621

Viale D’Annunzio, 150
Riccione (RN)
Tel. 0541 640517

Palma Beach Paradise
Viale D’Annunzio, 150
Riccione (RN)
Tel. 0541 660841

Pascià Disco Dinner
Viale Sardegna, 30
Riccione (RN)
Tel. 0541 607535

Soneros Disco
Viale Gramsci, 98
Riccione (RN)
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