Discos Cervia Milano Marittima

Discos Cervia Milano Marittima

Information and contacts of the best discos in Cervia and Milano Marittima. Detailed information concerning some of the most popular discos of the Riviera Romagnola, such as Villa Papeete and Pineta.

Discos Cervia and Milano Marittima

Milano Marittima is much more than a traditional seaside resort, since it gathers some of the most exclusive discos and clubs of the whole Italian peninsula. They often arrange extraordinary parties that are livened up by internationally renowned DJs and attended by famous VIPs and celebrities.

The two most famous discos in Milano Marittima are Pineta and Papeete, but not to be missed are also Idroscalo, Bicio Papao, Caino, Zouk Santana and many more. The elegant avenues of the city centre are also scattered with glamorous shops and boutiques, and give tourists the possibility to go for pleasant walks till late at night.

Cervia, that is situated a short distance from Milano Marittima, gives tourists the possibility to visit exclusive clubs too, such as Shaky Makaky. The nearby Pinarella di Cervia is home to Rock Planet, which often arranges important concerts and events.

Bagno Bicio Papao
Viale Spalato, 276 
Milano Marittima (RA)
Tel. 0544 1889051

Via Emilia, 125 
Pinarella di Cervia (RA)

Caino Fashion Club
Viale Milano, 11
Milano Marittima (RA)
Tel. 0544 994858

Cotton Club
Via Lungomare D'Annunzio, 28
Cervia (RA)

Denny Rose Le Disco
Via Marina, 4 
Milano Marittima (RA)

Harley Cafè
Viale Matteotti 51, 
Milano Marittima (RA)
Tel. 0544 992025

Viale Romagna, 3 
Milano Marittima (RA) 
Tel. 393 1382172

Kursaal Lido
Lungo Mare D'Annunzio Gabriele, 5
Cervia (RA)
Tel. 0544 970590

Pacifico Dinner Club
Viale Romagna, 68
Milano Marittima (RA)
Tel. 0544 994727

Papeete Beach Club
Via III Traversa, 281
Milano Marittima (RA)
Tel. 348 9700555  

Viale Romagna, 66
Milano Marittima (RA)
Tel. 0544 994728

Rock Planet
Viale Tritone, 77   
Pinarella di Cervia (RA) 
Tel. 336  694 414

Shaky Makaky
via Cerere, 22 
Cervia (RA)
Tel. 0544 71944

Via Ravenna, 38 
Milano Marittima (RA)

Strada Statale Adriatica SS 16 Km 18, 18 
Cervia (RA)

Vanquish Street Bar
Viale Gramsci, 51 
Milano Marittima (RA)
Tel. 333 9702120

Villapapeete Club
Via Argine Destro Savio, 15 
Milano Marittima (RA)
Tel. 335 1275444

Zouk Santana
Via Milano, 24
Milano Marittima (RA)
Tel. 0544 993295
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