Castles in the province of Ravenna

Castles in the province of Ravenna

Wonderful itineraries across the castles of the province of Ravenna. Travel guides to visit the medieval villages of Lugo di Romagna, Bagnara di Romagna, Brisighella, Casola Valsenio and Oriolo Tower.

Castles in the province of Ravenna

This page displays a wonderful itinerary across the castles of the province of Ravenna. The first part describes the fortified cities that rise just in the heart of the plain which extends north of A14 Motorway, while the second part gathers the castles that are situated south of the motorway, which rise halfway between the lush plains and hills of the nearby city of Faenza.

Rocca di Bagnara di RomagnaCastles of Lugo and Bagnara di Romagna

Lugo and Bagnara di Romagna, two famous historic towns of the province of Ravenna that are situated within a short driving distance from each other, rise north of the motorway, just in the heart of the local stretch of the Po Valley. They are both dominated by impressive castles. Lugo is commanded by an impressive XVI-century fortress which was commissioned by the members of Este Family and built just in the heart of the city centre. Bagnara is home to one of the most beautiful castles of the Italian Quattrocento, which was commissioned by Caterina Sforza at the end of the century.

Apart from boasting a wonderful castle, Lugo is especially appreciated for its fascinating old town. The castle, which is now the seat of the local municipality, still retains elegant spaces, such as the enchanting courtyard, the sumptuous inner halls and the peculiar roof garden that is situated on the top of its impressive fortifications. Bagnara's Fortress is home to an interesting museum dedicated to the story of the city and the castles of Romagna. Bagnara's old town is still surrounded by impressive city walls and encircled by a deep moat, which were built six hundred years ago for defensive purposes.

Torre Oroogio BrisighellaBrisighella's old town and castles

Further famous historic towns of great beauty are situated south of the motorway, a short distance from Faenza. The most important one is Brisighella, one of the most fascinating and best-preserved medieval villages in Emilia Romagna that is situated fifteen minutes far from Faenza. Anyway, not to be missed are the Sforza Fortress of Riolo Terme, Casola Valsenio and Oriolo's Tower.

Brisighella nestles at the foot of three high spurs of selenite that are  topped by the impressive towers of the Manfrediana Fortress and the wonderful Clock Tower, the latter being the symbol of the city. The fortress, which is open to the general public, boasts two impressive circular towers and a huge courtyard. Its inner spaces host the Museum of the Peasant Society of the valley of Lamone, Marzenio and Sanio. The clock tower can be reached from the fortress through a very rough footpath. Brisighella's old town is a jewel of rare beauty. It is dominated by the famous Asini elevated road, and its churches cherish two precious paintings by Palmezzano, who was a pupil of Melozzo da Forlì.

Torre di Oriolo dei FichiCastles of Riolo Terme, Casola Valsenio and Oriolo dei Fichi

Riolo Terme is situated just in the heart of a lush plain that develops a short distance from Brisighella. The city is especially renowned for its spa establishment, but also gathers outstanding monuments of great value. The fortress still retains the aspect it gained after the extensive restoration works commissioned by Caterina Sforza in the fifteenth century. Provided with a quadrangular plan, it is dominated by three circular towers and an impressive square keep. Its inner spaces are occupied by an interesting museum dedicated to life and war during the Middle Ages.

Two further enchanting medieval villages are situated south of Faenza. Casola Valsenio is home to the so-called Cardello, an imposing manor house surrounded by a lush park which was inhabited by the great writer Alfredo Oriani. The inner spaces are occupied by an interesting museum dedicated to the life of the illustrious writer. Not to be missed a short distance from Faenza is the fifteenth-century Manfrediana Tower of Oriolo dei Fichi, which is surrounded by a lush park, enchanting footpaths and some charming farm houses.
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