Castles in the province of Forlì Cesena

Castles in the province of Forlì Cesena

Travel guides to discover the castles of the province of Forlì Cesena. Itineraries to visit Cesena's Malatesta Fortress, Forlì's Ravaldino Fortress, Castrocaro, Terra del Sole and Predappio.

Castles in the province of Forlì Cesena

This page describes the most beautiful castles of the province of Forlì-Cesena, which are the ideal destination for those interested in undertaking pleasant excursions or tours across the surronding area. The first part describes the two big castles of the provincial capitals, that is to say Cesena's Malatesta Fortress and Forlì's Ravaldino Fortress, while the second part contains precious information on the major castles of the Apennine peaks that rise south of both cities.

Rocca Malatestiana di CesenaCesena and Forlì: Malatesta Fortress and Ravaldino Fortress

Cesena's Malatesta Fortress is one of the most fascinating medieval castles of Romagna. It was commissioned between 1466 and 1476 by Galeotto and Novello Malatesta and then built on the top of Garampo Hill, which boasts breathtaking views over Cesena. Its huge fortified courtyard is dominated by two impressive quadrangular towers. Many halls are open to the general public, what gives visitors the possibility to go for enchanting panoramic walks around its bulwarks. The so-called “Torre Femmina” is home to the interesting History of Agriculture Museum. 

Ravaldino Fortress is an enchanting fortified village that rises in the heart of Forlì's city centre. It was built during the fifteenth century, but was then repeatedly remodelled and restored under the supervision of Caterina Sforza. Its sumptuous halls can only be visited on the occasion of special exhibitions and displays. For the rest of the year, its wide garden, fortified courtyard and beautiful park are the only parts to be open to the general public.

Fortezza di Castrocaro TermeCastles of Castrocaro Terme, Terra del Sole, Meldola and Predappio

After the tour of the castles of Forlì and Cesena, it is possible to climb the Apennine peaks to reach the enchanting complex of castles and military fortifications of Castrocaro Terme. Around this area, the Tuscan built some of their most impressive fortresses in Romagna. Three imposing fortresses rise just in the heart of the city centre: the Fortress of Monte Poggiolo (only the outer part can be visited since the interior is unsafe), the great Terra del Sole and the Fortress of Castrocaro.

Terra del Sole is a fortress city which was built by the members of Medici Family in the XVI century. Surrounded by impressive walls, it gives visitors the possibility to admire a perfectly preserved Renaissance city. The most important buildings it includes are Palazzo Pretorio, the Church of St. Reparata and the Castle of Capitano di Piazza, which is the current set of the Historical Archives of Florentine Romagna. Once in Castrocaro, tourists won't miss the opportunity to visit its fortress, which is subdivided into three distinct parts: Girone, Fortress and Medici Arsenal.

Other important castles that rise on the top of Romagna's Apennines are those situated in Meldola and Predappio Alta, which both boast breathtaking views over Forlì's plain. The Fortress of Meldola is characterized by a complex layout and is surrounded by impressive walls, while the Fortress of Predappio Alta boasts sweeping views over the underlying landscapes from the top of its central tower.
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